Apprenticeships Services

TasBGAS is Tasmania’s only locally owned Group Training organisation servicing businesses within the Building and Construction Industry for over 32 years.  We partner with you to understand your business and workforce requirements to ensure we provide the right person for your business.

TasBGAS employs and manages apprentices, trainees and school-based trainees, throughout Tasmania in following areas of specialisation:

  • Carpentry
  • Joinery/Cabinet Making
  • Electrical
  • Plastering
  • Glazing
  • Bricklaying
  • Tiling
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Refrigeration Mechanic
  • Metal Fabrication/Boiler Maker
  • Flooring
  • Sprinkler Fitter
  • Business Administration.
What is Group training?

The term ‘Group Training’ refers to an arrangement where apprentices and trainees are employed by an organisation that takes primary responsibility for their training and employment (TasBGAS) but places them with other businesses for their on-the-job training.

Group Training is particularly useful for businesses that:

  • Find it difficult to commit to employing an apprentice or trainee for the entire training period
  • Have a narrow range of work and cannot provide the range of experience required by the apprenticeship or traineeship
  • Prefer a Field Officer to manage their employment and training responsibilities, for example recruitment, payroll, leave, Superannuation and Work Cover
Group Training is an easy and cost-effective way to have apprentices and trainees in your workplace.  We take on the risk and hassle of having an apprentice/trainee, and ensure both you (as the Host) and the apprentice/trainee receives the best possible outcome from the training agreement.

TasBGAS is the legal employer of the apprentice or trainee, so we have a vested interest in their apprenticeship/ traineeship and make sure the process is easy for you, the Host Company, and the apprentice/trainee.

TasBGAS provides the following services to your business as  a Group Training Organisation

  • Recruitment of Apprentice/Trainee
  • Mentoring and Pastoral Care

Regular performance assessment / monitoring of the apprentice/trainee

  • All administration services for the apprentice/trainee
  • All payroll services aligned to the award & Super payments
  • Manage TAFE Annual Training program, payment of fees and text books. Relationship with teachers and administration
  • Manage Jobnet relationship
  • Manage Skills Tasmania requirements
  • Provide additional education to apprentices in Numeracy & Literacy skills, hand skills and Ozhelp program.
  • Manage Insurance Company requirements, Workers Comp claims, Doctors and Return to Work programs
  • Provide updated PPE to the apprentice each year.
  • Annual Education programs and induction to Workplace Health and Safety for the Apprentice
  • Industrial relations for each apprentice
  • Flexibility in the term of hire of the apprentice with only a 7 day notice period
  • Personalised service
Our expertise means that we have intimate knowledge of Tasmania’s training authority, policies and procedures.  Through our strong relationships with TAFE, we have the local knowledge and relationship to manage training schedules and operational challenges that can occur in scheduling.

TasBGAS take the risks away from employing and managing apprentices and trainees by providing a full HR service to your business, as well as assisting the apprentice/trainee with mentoring, advice and administration of the apprenticeship/traineeship.  All for one simple hourly cost!  TasBGAS invoices you on a weekly basis for the hours that your apprentice/trainee works.

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