Safety in the work place is our highest priority. TasBGAS has highly trained, experienced Field Officers and staff dedicated to the Safety of our employees and our Host Employers on a daily basis. TasBGAS is committed to identifying hazards, risk assessing, auditing and implementing the best controls to ensure that Host Companies and TasBGAS are working together to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees.

For more information to assist you with safety in the work place place click on the following link to access WorkSafe Tasmania website  http://worksafe.tas.gov.au/

At TasBGAS, it is our job to ensure our apprentices, trainees, and staff

  • Enjoy a safe and healthy workplace
  • Work in safe systems of supervised work
  • Only use plant, equipment and substances which are provided in a continually safe and operable condition
  • Have access to up to date and relevant safety information for apprentices and trainees
  • Receive a thorough Induction and Orientation program
  • Receive on-going support, including regular site visits by their Field Officer
TasBGAS conduct thorough risk assessments on worksites prior to placing employees on-site as well as completing an annual review with each Host employer. We work closely with our Host Employers to explore practical solutions, and implement safety measures where required to ensure our employees are working in a safe work environment.

TasBGAS encourages all its employees to report hazards, no matter how insignificant they seem, as we believe safety is everybody’s responsibility. It is an expectation that every TasBGAS staff member, apprentice, trainee, labour hire employee and Host Company should contribute to ensuring a safer working environment.

Our aim is to ensure all employees go home to their families and loved ones at the end of their work day – happy and healthy!

Apprentice and Trainee Safety Awards

TasBGAS awards one Safety Award annually to an Apprentice or Trainee that is excelling in Workplace Health and Safety at their host company. If you host TasBGAS apprentices or trainees at your workplace and would like to nominate them to receive a Safety Award, complete our online Safety Nomination form to submit your nomination.

Ozhelp Foundation

The OzHelp Foundation is a mental health support organisation for the building and construction industry with a focus on early intervention suicide prevention, and the provision of support for workers and apprentices. TasBGAS has a strong relationship with OzHelp in the provision of their services to employees within our company.  If you feel you need to talk to someone in confidence about any issue that is affecting your daily life, regardless of what it is, contact OzHelp on 1300 OZHELP (1300 694 357) or visit www.ozhelp.org.au.

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