Tasmanian Traineeships

Apprentice moving ladder at Tasmanian Building Group Apprenticeships
Tasmanian Traineeships are opportunities for a person of any working age to train, earn an income, and gain a nationally-recognised qualification in a wide range of commercial fields.

As a trainee, you are indentured into a Cert 2 traineeship for a duration of 12-24 months full-time  depending on the traineeship field. During your traineeship, you work on specific units of theory competency as per your Training Plan with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). In most cases, your theory component of the traineeship is completed via competency books in your own time or work time upon approval of your Host Employer.

The benefits of being employed by TasBGAS

There are many benefits to being employed by TasBGAS, including:

  • We take care of all paperwork for you and make it as simple as possible to commence and complete your traineeship
  • We conduct a full comprehensive Induction prior to your commencement with your Host Employer, which also includes a large section on safety
  • We organise your theory training and ensure you have the correct materials
  • We take an active role in your training to help you achieve the best result possible
  • If productivity is low or if there is a down turn of work with your Host Employer and they can’t keep you on, we can assist you in finding a replacement Host Employer to continue your traineeship with little to no lost time
  • We provide you with mentoring and support on all matters to do with your traineeship and employment, not only in the workplace but in your home life too
  • We make sure you are up-to-date with your training and remind you when important things are due, for example: timesheets, so you get paid on time!

What about after my traineeship?

Upon completion of your traineeship, you may have the opportunity to:

    • apply for permanent employment with your Host Employer;
    • find employment with a different business;
    • work overseas or interstate; or
    • take on further education.