Tasmanian Women in Trades

In the Building and Construction industry the number of women employed  in non traditional roles are still very scarce in Australia, even though companies embrace and support women eager to become qualified in these traditional male trades. Many businesses see countless value in employing female apprentices to their labour force as women offer a huge range of skills and qualities for their company.

TasBGAS encourages and supports females in the trades, and currently we have a number of female apprentices employed in the Tasmanian Building and Construction Industry as Carpenters and in Administration.

TasBGAS is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.

Equal Employment Opportunity
EEO exists when people are treated on their merits at every stage of the employment relationship.  This includes: selection and recruitment, promotion and transfer, training and development opportunities, retrenchment and redundancy.

EEO is about making sure that our workplaces are free from all forms of unlawful discrimination, harassment and bullying.  This means having workplace rules, policies, practices and behaviours that are fair and do not disadvantage people because they belong to particular groups.

At TasBGAS, all workers are valued and respected and have opportunities to develop their full potential to pursue a career path of their choice.  We actively encourage all companies and individuals to support EEO.