Your privacy

Our privacy policy explains the way we collect, use, disclose, keep secure and give access to your personal information.

In the course of business TasBGAS collects and holds personal information, principally in relation to employment of apprentices as well as financial details relating to client companies.  We will only collect information that is necessary for and relevant to our business functions or activities.  We will collect personal information in a lawful and non-obtrusive way.
We will only use and disclose personal information for the purpose of which it was collected and will only disclose such information in accordance with the Privacy Act.

We may disclose personal information:

  •  For the purposes advised at the time of collection
  • For related purposes that the individual would reasonably expect;
  • Where the consent of the individual has been obtained
  • As required by law
We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that data collected, used or disclosed, is accurate, complete and up to date and has been obtained directly from individuals.
Data storage and security is taken seriously – the Scheme is committed to keeping personal information secure and will take all reasonable precautions to protect any information held.

Only information that to the best of our knowledge is accurate and current will be retained on site. Information that is out-dated will be disposed of in a manner that complies with the Archives Act of Tasmania.

Individuals are generally allowed access to the personal information help by the company that relates directly to them, subject to some exceptions allowed by law.

Access is usually granted within normal business hours, subject to reasonable notice and availability of records, giving consideration to business demands. If a request for access is denied the individual will be advised reasons for denial. Generally this will only be in cases where providing access would be unlawful or not within the realms of the legislation.

All requests for access to personal information should be made to the Chief Executive Officer.

TasBGAS does not adopt government agency identifiers, for example, tax file numbers or Medicare numbers, as a means of identification.
Generally TasBGAS does not collect sensitive information (e.g. information about religion, sexual preference or political views). Should there be a requirement for information of a sensitive nature it will only be done with the individuals consent.